Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Beautiful St, Thomas

OMG! What an island!!! It's been 22 years & 2 weeks since we've last visited this amazing place! Our honeymoon to be exact!

We are soooo excited to be in St. Thomas as Founding IBO's for Qivana. We upgraded our room to the Govenors Suite and are ecstatic with our decision!

The room is a townhouse with the most phenomenal view I've ever seen! I want to live here! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Headed to St. Thomas!

We're packed and ready to go! We are so excited to be a part of the Founding Independent Business Owner's Circle at Qivana! We can't wait to see the fun, excitement and learning we will encounter on this trip.

We love these products so much we have become a Q Wellness Center in our Totally Pamper Me! Nail Spa & Image Boutique.

The Qore System has changed my life in my daily battle with Fibromyalgia. And the Metaboliq System has changed my metabolism and allowed me to lose 15 pounds of pure fat off my waist, hips & thighs! This is HUGE for a woman in her late 40's that has always execised and lived on a diet - since she was 10 years old!!!

If you would like to learn more - check out the products on our website @ http://www.QWellnessCenter.com

Feel free to post any questions on this blog!

Stay tuned for pictures and more info in the days to come!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Healing & Therapeutic Powers of the Dead Sea I

Serenely nestled between the countries of Israel & Jordan lies one of the world’s most healing and therapeutic seas – The Dead Sea. This remarkable beauty marks the lowest point on earth – 1320ft below sea level. Her mineral rich, briny water is so “thick” with mineral salts that the water actually feels like oil. Due to the mineral density, humans enjoy relaxing and floating effortlessly on her shore line or out in the deep water.
The Dead Sea is extremely deep, averaging about 378m (1240ft), thus making her the deepest hypersaline lake (a landlocked body of water) in the world. Known as the saltiest sea in the world, the Dead Sea contains a myriad of raw materials such as Standard & High Magnesium Brine, Mineral Mud, Clay & Salts which can be transformed into a plethora of natural beauty applications that can deliver amazing benefits for your clientele.
The amazing benefits of the Dead Sea have been utilized since ancient times by world renowned Cleopatra (The original Spa Diva!) who imported the Dead Sea Mud & Salts for bathing & body wraps. The Egyptians utilized the mineral Bitumen for embalming and the Roman Government imported it for their most elite and called the Dead Sea Mud, “Black Gold”!
All of the raw materials extracted from the Dead Sea contain over 21 beneficial, corrective & restorative minerals that have tremendous anti-aging and healing effects on the skin and have been scientifically proven to aid in the healing process of various maladies of the skin (psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, ichthyosis, contact dermatitis, dandruff and more) as well as arthritic & muscle conditions with essentially no contraindications.

More to come! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long time since I've made an entry

A lot has happened to our company since my last blog entry.

We have created the world's first Dead Sea Mineral Makeup w/10% High Magnesium Dead Sea Brine. The powder turns creamy when it touches the skin and doesn't contain any fillers, mica's, talc or bismuth oxychloride. The beautiful matte colors range from Ivory (Opalescent) to Ebony (Espresso).

World's First Dead Sea Extracts!
Since I know the Dead Sea detoxifies the body, I didn't want to use Propylene or Butylene glycol based extracts in our wonderful products. I wanted the extracts to be created from Certified Organic or Wild Harvested herbs and I wanted them to have Dead Sea Minerals in the base.
After much hard work we created a process to accomplish this! Our process includes using our High Magnesium Dead Sea Brine as our menstruum and adding in Certified Organic or Wild Harvested herbs in a 3-4 month maceration process.

Our current line exists of:

Certified Organic Chamomile, Calendula & Comfrey R&L Blend, Green Tea, Helichrysum, Nettle L&R & Horsetail Blend, Lavender, Olive Leaf, Rosemary & Witch Hazel.

Wild Harvested Red Roses & Neem Leaf

Custom Blends Include:

Gums & Teeth
Hair & Scalp
The Works!

After the creation of these products we wanted Anti-Aging Dead Sea Serums that were infused with our extracts and other nourishing ingredients. Thus we created our Botox Alternative Facial Serum line called 'Youthful Appearance' which includes 'Max`Tox' which contains 30% Argirelene NP, Pehpha-Tight & Syn-Coll along with a myriad of other magical ingredients.

From our All Natural Cold Processed Complexion Bars & Mineral Mud Facial Wash & Hydrating Botanical Toner to our newly formulated Mud~Lite Mineral Creme - we find a way to get as much Dead Sea Minerals into all of our products!

Since our encounter we are constantly thinking about being at the miraculous Dead Sea and wish we had some way to let the entire world know just how healing and therapeutic her natural materials really are. Until then - we'll keep on working and posting more often to our blog site! :)