Thursday, September 18, 2008

At the Dead Sea!

Our First Day at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Our partners/guides drove us from Amman down to the Dead Sea. It was about an hour and a half drive by car. We arrived at the Marriot Resort on the Dead Sea around noontime. The gates were blocked and security guards came out to check our vehicle and make sure we were registered to stay at the resort (and scan the car for explosives). When we pulled up to the hotel entrance, I knew I was going to be in heaven! There were two giant black marble rectangle wall fountains on either side of the entrance doors. I was already at peace. (I’m not only The Mud Queen, but I’m a fountain/water junkie too!)

We entered the automatic doors to find a full security check and x-ray machine ready to scan our belongings.
Security @ The Mariott

Once we cleared security we checked into our ‘honeymoon suite’. Jim and I had renewed our wedding vows after being baptized in the Jordan River back in July, but did not have a ‘honeymoon’ at that time due to our daughter staying in our little room! So we took advantage of this trip and upgraded our room to a view of the pool & Dead Sea. It was their junior suite room. And I must say – it was worth every cent we paid for it! The room had a private balcony overlooking the 3 levels of luxury pools and my second earthly love - the Dead Sea.

View from our balcony
Pools over looking the Dead Sea

Our room also had a sitting area with full couch and chairs, study/computer desk, TWO King size beds, a full wall solid wood closet, and the granite & m able bathroom had a full tub with a shower as well as a very large glass shower. The room was very luxurious, roomy and comfortable.

King Sized Beds in our Luxury Suite

Once we were checked in – my heart was screaming inside – “Run to the Dead Sea! She’s waiting for you!” Having already been to the Dead Sea in Israel back in July, I have to tell you I did not expect to ‘fall in love’ with her all over again. After all, it was already love at first site when I beheld her splendor for the first time after having studied her for an entire decade. The hold she had on my heart in July, I thought could never be replaced – after all – it’s her – The Dead Sea!

But oh how incorrect I was! There are multiple sides to her! (Just like a woman, huh!?) Where we went in Israel was the South side of the Dead Sea – it was completely different from our encounter in Jordan on the North side. The Israeli south side was completely calm, very shallow (at least where we met her in person) and the waters were very hot – like a hot spring or outdoor Jacuzzi tub. There was fine salt under her waters and to the right of the floating area we found (due to my diligence & persistence!) the ‘Black Gold’ or Miracle Mud. There were salt bars everywhere on the South side. It was a vast area and I could see why it was called a sea, but in my personal opinion, she did not act like a sea to me. There was no wave movement and the color of the water was a very light/pale blue-green. There were salt bars everywhere with sink holes and I was able to walk out over 900ft with the water level being only to my knees.

In Jordan, on the North side this was not the case at all. This side had a deep aqua, almost cobalt blue color. She looked like a precious jewel to me. I was mezmerized by her beautiful colors. She had constant movement – like mini waves and a small current. Her shoreline was full of various colored rocks ranging from 1cm pebbles to giant boulders. The colors of rocks varied from yellows (heavy sulfur content) to reds (heavy iron content). The steps we descended down to the incredible briny water were made from the rock found there on the shore line. The sad thing to see was the stacks of burlap bags of sand that had been added at the bottom of the stairs to create more descending steps to the water due to the shrinkage of the Dead Sea. As I beheld her vast beauty once again – this time in an entire different area, I did not feel as sad about the shrinkage. The reason being – this side of the Dead Sea was over 1100ft deep and acted like a sea! This area is extremely vast. We could see Israel on the other side, but the distance to the other side appeared to be miles. I could see that she would remain a miracle sea not only in my life time but even my great, great grand children’s life time.

We did our introductions then we left her (only for a few hours) to travel south to a different destination to understand the mining of our Miracle Mud, powdered mud & salts.

My eyes are getting weary! I'll post more later!
Tammy D.
The Mud Queen™

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