Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another day closer!

Today has been extremely hectic! I went out yesterday to a local Nubian Goat Milk Farm and purchased 5 gallons of fresh Nubian Goat Milk. Came back to the office and filled about 50 ice cube trays (Have about 5 qts remaining to freeze!) Worked all day on getting our products together for the TSA Convention's Spa Pampering Nite™ in Austin, Texas on July 18-20. I'm thrilled I will be at the Dead Sea during those dates, but I will deeply miss the wonderful people that attend this convention! This is where Spa Pampering Nite™ originated 5 years ago this year! In honor of our 5th year we are throwing a celebration Spa Pampering Nite™ for all of the attendees. We're shipping out a full Mud~N~Peel Bar™ that will be set up by 4 wonderful ladies that have attended previous this special nite with me at the convention. We plan on sending out a Muddin' Wave from the Dead Sea to the convention on the 19th & 20th from the Dead Sea. Who says you can't be in two places at one time! My body will be covered in the Miracle Dead Sea Mud and my heart will be in Texas! LOL!

We are working each day on preparation of our businesses while we are out of the country for this blessed trip. There are soooo many things that must be done before we go! Pre-pay all of the payables, write several weeks of payroll checks, create payroll tax payments on line, pay June sales tax, pay quarterly payroll state taxes, teach the employees about what to do in case of an emergency, go over how to make invoices, go over how to make deposits! The list seems to be never ending! Most of these tasks don't take a lot of time - just money! :o) I praise God for taking care of all of this ahead of time! He has supplied everything we need to be able to take care of all of our responsibilities and obligations - How Great is our God!!!

Then we have our home to deal with. We are soooo thankful for my precious father - Tom Ossink who is a vital member of our family and our businesses. He does it all - waters the plants, feeds & lets out our black & tan miniature Daschund Annabelle, washes floors, vacuums, picks up the daughter from school or ball practice. Then there's yard work - he's relentless when it comes to helping there! A few weeks ago we were leaving for the early morning service at our church and realized his car was in our driveway - as we passed by the house we saw him putting the yard clippings in the wheelbarrel that were left from the night before! When we called his cell phone and asked what he was doing - he said, "Just wanted to get a jump on the work before church starts! See ya this afternoon!" When we came home from church, most of the work was done! At our office he does the bank deposits, manages our warehouse, fills the distributors pallet orders, takes care of warehouse inventory and watches over things. Are we blessed or what! Thanks Dad - you're the greatest!!! We can go out of the country an know everything will be all right with you here!

Well, it's getting late and time to head home! I pray you have a blessed evening!

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