Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life changing experience

Shalom Y’all! LOL! Believe it or not we actually found olive wood plaques that have tha inscribed on the over here! Blew our minds! We had been kidding about it on the bus and thought we were 'original'! Obviously not!

Today was another incredible life changing experience. We started the day extremely early this morning. We did a lot of walking around inside the old Rabbi tunnels under the Wailing Wall. Then we went to pray at the Wailing Wall. From there we went up to the Temple Rock where the old Jewish Temple used to reside. This area is now controlled by the Muslims and has a Muslim Mosque called the Dome of the Rock built on the grounds where the second Jewish Temple resided (built by King Herod). We saw an area that very well could be the actual rock on which the Holy of Holies resided. We all removed our shoes and stood on the rock and prayed for each other, Israel and the USA. This was a very spiritual moment for all of us.

From there we went down to the Southern Steps where the Israeli pilgrims entered and exited for their sacrifices for remission of sins. Then we went to the Yad Vashem (means Remember the Name) Holocaust Memorial Museum. This is a museum dedicated to the remembrance of all the Jews slaughtered during Hitler’s reign. This was an extremely emotional and very disturbing time of the day for all of us.

From the museum we went to the Garden tomb and also viewed what they believe to be Golgotha - based on archeological studies.

Going into the tomb was a very exhilarating experience for all of us. It was so exciting to know – He’s Risen! We don’t serve a dead God!!!

We came back to the hotel and had dinner as a group. I’m so very thankful that we went on this trip with all these wonderful people! There would have been no way to get to know them through Sunday morning services! Each person is so unique and absolutely priceless to our family. I will be praying for all of them (as I do all of you) daily.

Pass time for going to bed! Tomorrow is our last day and it’s pretty busy too! I’ve had the most incredible journey here and I’m so thankful we were able to come. But I can tell you – I’ll be VERY happy to come home and sleep in my own bed! :o)

Luv~N~Hugs to you all!!!
Tammy D.
The Mud Queen™

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Judi in Jax said...


I am glad that you are having such a wonderful time. It sounds absolutely marvelous! I enjoyed seeing you livin it up at the Mud Beach. Thats our Mud Queen, lovin life at the Dead Sea.

Blessings on your return journey. The travel is easier coming this way.

Judi in Jax