Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quick~N~Simple - WE'RE AT THE DEAD SEA!!!

It just can't get any better than this! We were baptized in the Jordan River yesterday - Jim & I renewed our wedding vows afeter we were baptized and our daughter was the maid of honor! Not only am I at the Dead Sea that I have studied for 10 years - but I'm officially on my honeymoon at the same time! Neat - huh?!

Earlier today we saw where they discovered the Dead Sea scrolls and now we've arrived at the Dead Sea!

We're having all sorts of internet issues between hotels - but we are fortunate to get access in our room right now ($23 a night - ouch!). Our hotel room was upgraded by my mother (Thanks Mom! You ROCK!!!) to a suite and we're in a corner room of the hotel over looking the Dead Sea! I'm so excited and thrilled to be here! We have literally hundreds of pictures to download on our site - just unable to do that right now.

BTW, if you see spelling errors - I can't get spell check to work and am unable to cut and paste this into my MS Word program from the blog site. Weird I know but it's the way it is right now. So excuse me if I over look some misspelled words!

We've got our bathing suits on and are about to head to the Dead Sea shoreline! I want to take a quick moment and send out a Muddin' Wave "Hello" to all of our family, employees, Mudology University members back in the USA that are reading the blog. As well as the TSA Convention attendees! I miss you all and will think of you as I float in the Dead Sea in about 15 minutes! I pray you all have a WONDERFUL Spa Pampering Nite™ tonight! We held a private one in our room last night with about 8 ladies in our group that had nave had a Dead Sea facial! We had a blast! I told them all about the TSA convention and how Spa Pampering Nite™ originated with your group!

Off to float in the Dead Sea! Will post more later - access permitting!


denise/deBRAT said...

yippeee! you're there! have a grand time and i'll try to remember each day ot check the blog. my mom's is in the hospital (8 days now) and so prayers are certainly welcome for her return to good health after perforated bowel surgery friday the 11th. but again, i'll try hard to follow your trip as it will provide quite the distraction!

praise, prayers, hugs

emily alcatraz said...