Monday, July 14, 2008

Less than 24 hours & counting!!!

OM Goodness! It's almost here! I can't believe how fast this day has passed by! I still need to finish packing! Where did all the time go!? At this rate I might get left behind! LOL! That will never happen - I'd go naked if I had to! (Ugly thought I know! But I would! )

I had last minute ideas just in case our bath room suit case got lost. I created 3oz travel bottles and labeled them all (Really pretty deep blue Clowningway Font) then put pretty red bows on them for an accent. Over board - probably - but they look really cute! ;o) And I did it - BECAUSE I COULD! I just love the fact that I know how to make a formula, create it, make a label for it and package it! I'll get my DH to take a picture of it tonight for y'all to see. I think it would make great travel kits to retail in our boutique. Maybe it can inspire some of you!

Well, I just want to take a moment and Praise the Lord here! All of the AP is paid in full and so are the taxes and additional payroll! Is God GOOD or what!? Best part is - DH & I both had new sales take place today - we're pretty pumped!

Our staff has worked so hard and been very diligent with learning. I am so thankful for them! One of the really cool things we learned about this week (and implemented in our office on several computers) is Skype technology! We set up web cams with built in microphones and will be able to talk to our office on a daily basis - FOR FREE while we're in Israel - how COOL is that!?

Well, I guess I'd best be closing down the office the night and get home and finish packing and finishing up the outstanding laundry and house cleaning. I can't stand to leave our home in a mess before I go away. I want to come home to nice clean house when I return from a trip. The mess you're bringing home with you is enough to make you lose your hair as it is! LOL! I don't want an additional mess to contend with! Signing off for now!

God Bless,
Tammy Doering
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