Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miracles occurred at the Dead Sea

We had two miracles take place at the Dead Sea while we were there! Allow me to share the stories:

My DH re-hurt his right knee this past December doing sprints on our local high school's football field. It had gotten so bad we had resolved that when we got back from our trip he would bite the bullet and get knee surgery. Even though he suffered tremendous swelling in his feet on the trip - his right knee has been completely healed! There is absolutely NO PAIN at all! He's absolutely thrilled and is claiming it as a healing and giving God the glory for it!

Then there was precious Mark & Kim. It was a miracle they were both able to go on the trip in the first place. Mark was wearing knee braces and using a cane everywhere we went for the first 4 days. When we arrived at the Dead Sea he shared that God had given him a dream to get into the Dead Sea and apply the mud to his body and he'd be healed. The first day/evening none of us knew where the mud was located (see my previous post on how we found the mud on the list here - The Most Incredible Days of My Life!). A select few of us found it that night due to my insane persistence and determination! The next morning we went out to get Mudded Up again and there were several from our group already out floating in the Dead Sea. I immediately made a bee line to the right side of the shoreline and started Muddin' 'Er Up and low and behold here they came! We all slathered mud on us head to toe! As Mark began applying the excessively warm mud to his body he shared his dream with us. We all agreed with him for his healing. Then I had to rinse off and go to the spa to get my Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap. (Yes, I know I can do my own, but I wanted to see what the spa did at the Dead Sea. That experience will be a future post) Long story short - Mark was Healed at the Dead Sea - Praise the Lord!!! The rest of the trip to include the extremely hard ride home on the airplanes and a three hour layover in Germany he NEVER used his knee braces or his cane! I saw him on Sunday at church and he's REALLY HEALED!!! No cane or knee braces still! How awesome is that!

The same thing for my DH! Absolutely no pain at all! And the biggest test for him is when he sits for any duration of time - the knee would (previously) set up and he would experience excruciating pain for several minutes while he tried to walk. He would actually limp for many minutes. Now - no pain - no setting up - just like new! I love it! God is so good!

Other smaller miracles occurred to some of the ladies (and even a few of the men!)from the application of the Miracle Dead Sea Mud, Salts and Brine. As I have written in my Great Beauty Tips Article (7 years this month on a weekly basis) the Dead Sea returned to them life to their hair, faces and body - the baby like softness and a healthy radiant glow. This is always something I love to watch occur on people. It never ceases to amaze me!

Well, that's all for this post!
Shalom Y'all! :o)
Tammy D.
The Mud Queen™

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