Sunday, July 13, 2008

Only two days away!

Sorry I've not posted for 2 days - it's been amazingly hectic at home and work getting ready for this trip. Not a moment goes by we don't think of one more thing to add to our list of 'things-to-do'!

We have made more trips to Wal-Mart (wish we had stock!) for shorts (long ones - can't wear short shorts over there!) shirts (with sleeves - I can't believe how covered up you have to be when you're away from the hotel.), underclothes (we're going for 10 full days - need extra undies in case of an emergency!) smaller bathroom items, and the list just seems to never end! We'll be staying at upscale hotels, but we still need to create 'travel toilet paper'. Who'da thunk it! We have to travel with our own TP! LOL! Sure glad I found out ahead of time!

I went into the office after church today and put all of our skin care products into foil pouches (properly labled of course!!) for proper traveling. My DH has graciously consented for me to have the full 'royal treatment' while at the hotel at the Dead Sea. Knowing what I know about their products over there (ingredients - basically lack of high quality - mostly laden with petro products - I want my treatments being done with MY products IF I see undesirable ingredients in theirs!!!! Who knows, maybe I'll teach them something while I learn a plethora of things at the same time.

We're planning on doing daily blog entries with pictures (possibly Pod Casts) so stay tuned! :o)
Tammy D.
The Mud Queen™

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading about your trip!! :) Deb